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Christian Sleep Solutions for Sleep Problems

God's Gift of Natural Sleep is Available to You Right Here and Now

Every night, all over the world, millions of people have trouble falling asleep. For most people, falling asleep is as natural as breathing, but many struggle, either failing to sleep at all, not getting enough truly deep restful sleep, or falling asleep only to awaken in the middle of the night without adequate rest.

One of the most amazing aspects of this mass sleeplessness is that many of those who cannot sleep are Christians. Why is it amazing that some Christians can't fall asleep? Because we Christians have no reason to lie awake at night and to worry about what the future holds or about past mistakes we have made. Our beliefs provide many assurances that our future is bright and that no matter what we may have done, we are forgiven by our loving Creator.

We are told in Proverbs 3:24, When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.

and in this verse we are taught that it is not necessary to worry...
Psalm 127:2, It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

Or, as my Momma used to say, "If you pray, why worry and if you're going to worry, why pray?"

So why aren't Christians sleeping? It was hard for me to understand at first.

Except for one brief time in my life, when I had a serious illness and had to take strong medication that interfered with the natural sleep cycle, I have never had a problem falling asleep. But two people very dear to me have had insomnia, and as remarkable as it may seem, one was a devout Christian of strong faith, and the other was an innocent child who hadn't learned of the world's wicked ways and who had nothing to worry about.

The devout Christian was my mother, a woman of strong faith who always studied her Bible and did her best to live a good Christian life. The child was my own daughter, a little girl who came into this world screaming at the top of her lungs and seemed bound and determined to raise the rafters morning, noon, and throughout the night.

By knowing them and studying my Bible and God's word, I came to understand the problem. Solving problems was my calling in life since I had become a Reverend and studied the human mind, one of God's greatest creations. As a Christian behavioral therapist, I learned how to help people to relax, let go and let God. I also learned how to help Christians find their way back to the deep, restful sleep that our loving Father intended us to have.

Momma's Story...
Even as a little boy I realized that my momma had long sleepless nights. At the time I didn't realize that it was because she had many terrible experiences as a child and young woman and she was haunted by them, as well as having an overactive subconscious mind. I just knew that after we sang hymns and said our prayers and Momma tucked me in, if I awakened at any time during the night and went out through the kitchen to get a drink of water, Momma would probably be up. She worked hard during the day, so it wasn't from lack of exercise or being tired.

She even mentioned it to me a few times, but being a little boy and not understanding what it really meant, I just figured that was how mothers were. As a young man, I knew that my mother had trouble sleeping, but still didn't give it a lot of thought. I knew she'd had a tough start in life and that problems with Dad made her life difficult and figured that she could deal with it because she was so strong.

Actually, my mother was not all that strong. She was barely 5' 2" tall and quite tiny. But her will and her faith were strong, and though she never overcame the insomnia, she had faith that God would give her the strength to get through another day, and you know what? He did, for 86 years.

So when I was young I thought insomnia was something people developed over the years. I never gave it any deep thought. Then my own little bundle of joy came kicking and screaming into this world and I started to learn some life lessons very fast. My daughter just did not want to sleep. She would sleep a little, but not much and of course, neither did we.

Nothing seemed to work. We got lots of good advice from the older women in our church who had raised many children, but finally, it was decided that we had a child that just wasn't a good sleeper, required a lot less sleep than other children, and therefore, we could pray about it and leave it in God's hands. While we left it in God's hands, we left her in her crib at the other end of the house and tried to get some sleep.

As she grew into a toddler and young child, I realized that the sleep problem was not going away. I also realized that it did have an efffect on her and that she often was irritable and tired in the morning. My little girl had insomnia and was born with it. She wasn't worried about the past or future, didn't lie awake all night thinking about mistakes she'd made or the hurt others had caused her. She had an overactive subconscious mind and perhaps a physiological problem. Because I had been charged by God to raise her and to be the best father I could, I also had the problem. Any problem of hers was a problem of mine.

The doctors told us she was a normal, healthy, child. I thanked God for that, but still wanted to help her. I realized that she may have inherited the condition from my Mother through me. More Bible study led to me developing the Bible Bedtime stories that finally helped to solve the problem.

Whether you are an adult with a sleep problem, or have a child that can't sleep, the answer to the problem is in the Bible. Using Bible truths and specially engineered music that stimulates relaxing alpha and theta brainwave activity, I have developed methods to help you to sleep the way our Father intends you to sleep. I have Adult Sleep Solutions, called The Christian Sleep Guide, and Children's Sleep Solutions.

There is something else that I have been charged to do. Your loving Father in heaven wants you to sleep and to be rested, so I am to refuse no one. I am to offer you this help no matter whether you can pay for it or not. All I ask is that you donate what you can, if you can, and then take the time to use these special Christian sleep aids. The specially engineered guided meditations include a prayer, some simple Bible truths explained with the related Bible verses, and beautiful music. I ask for a donation to continue my work, but whether you can pay or not, please take the time to download the MP3 files or listen to them right from the page where you will find them.

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Important Information Regarding Sleep Problems

Sleep problems may be an indication of a serious medical condition. Before undertaking any sleep programs we strongly urge you to consult a medical professional. We do not dispense medical advice and the suggestions for better sleep found on these pages is not intended to replace good professional medical care.

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